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Boston Auto Repair Rewards Are Here!

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Nov, 04, 2011 @ 10:11 AM

We're pretty psyched to share our big news with everyone - we've just added a killer rewards program! It's a pretty big deal when it comes to Boston auto repair.

We thought long and hard about how to get the new program going. Not only what to offer,Auto Repair Boston but more importantly, how to structure it so that it actually works. We want to reward our customers for referring us, and we don't want it to be a hassle.

So, what did we come up with? Put it all online. Make it clickable, and they will come! (We hope, anyway.) Now, it couldn't be easier to tell your friends about Mike's and get rewarded for it.

Okay - we'll get to the point. We've setup a new referral site for our current customers to go to when they want to refer a friend to Mike's. At the site you'll get your own personalized link, allowing you to share the Mike's love in a multitude of ways - social media, email - it's up to you.

And, the good stuff? Yeah, we're getting to that.... Refer your friend to Mike's and he or she will receive a FREE oil change! In return, you will receive a $25.00 gift card to Mike's!

Yes, we know - way too easy!

Seriously, we hope everyone will use and enjoy the new rewards program. Besides being nearly effortless to use, the best part is that both you and your friend get rewarded. It just doesn't get better than that!

So, check-out the site, or scan the QR code in the graphic above. Spread the word about Mike's and start piling up your rewards!

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Cambridge Auto Repair and Redbones Too!

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Wed, Aug, 10, 2011 @ 15:08 PM

Something sweet is on the move here in the 'Ville. According to the Web site, The Feast, local favorite Redbones is hopping the tracks to Cambridge where it will open a rib stand.

Fear not, Davis Square faithful, the original Redbones will remain!

The new spot will be in Kendall Square at 300 Aethaneum Street. The Cambridge Auto Repairrib stand will feature a much smaller (but still delicious) menu and will be solely take-out, with the exception of a few outside seats.

Redbones will make a great addition to Kendall Square - now all of the techies and VCs can get some down-home grub too!

We would like to congratulate Redbones, including co-owner Rob Gregory (who so graciously supports many local fundraising initiatives). Nothing is better than seeing a fellow locally owned, independent business flourish!

So, when in need of Cambridge auto repair, don't forget to swing by the rib shack on your way to Mike's.

And oh yeah - don't forget to save a rib for Mike!

What's your favorite dish at Redbones? Leave us some tips we won't find on Foursquare!

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Somerville Auto Repair Shop Welcomes Ebi Sushi

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Wed, Jul, 20, 2011 @ 16:07 PM

There's something exciting going on here in Union Square. At our Somerville auto repair shop we have a new neighbor. And we're psyched that it's another food spot!Somerville Auto Repair Shop

Owner, Jose Garcia (of Blue Fin fame) has setup shop right next to us, with his new restaurant Ebi Sushi. That's right - come in for an oil change and grab a volcano roll next door for lunch. That's just too easy!

Jose told our friends at the Somerville Arts Council that he had been looking for a spot for a while. He realized that he had many customers from Union Square - but there was no sushi here. Well, the bells went off and the rest is history....

Ebi Sushi is more than just sushi. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Japanese cuisine, from tempura, to teriyaki, to noodle soups - there's something for everyone at Ebi.

And with a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, I have a feeling that Jose isn't going anywhere any time soon.

So, the next time you're in for service, or just making your way through Union, stop by Ebi Sushi and say, hello! Let's show Jose that he picked the right spot!

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Somerville Car Repair Guys Heading to the Gala

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Mar, 25, 2011 @ 13:03 PM

In case you haven't heard - tonight is Groundwork Somerville's  Greening the City Gala. If you follow us, then you know we're not just about Somerville car repair, and you've read about Groundwork and how much we support them. Well, tonight is your chance to support them too!

The Gala will be held at the Arts at the Armory on Highland Somerville Car RepairAvenue. You can still buy tickets at the door (until they run out - which shouldn't take long). In fact, they're only $40.00!

And what do you get for your hearty investment? Firstly - a rockin' time! We're talking live music from the Go-Flo Casuals, the Soulful Souls, and the Tony the Bookie Orchestra! Combine that with delicious organic wine and some of Boston's best beer, courtesy of Pretty Things and Cambridge Brewing Company. Do you still have to think about it?

For those that another reason besides a party, you can feel good that your hard-earned money is supporting a local organization that is truly making a difference in our community. It's not too often that you get to have a rockin' time and feel like you're giving back. Now that's a good night's sleep!

So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and make it a plan! Then come find us tonight at the Armory - we can all toast to Groundwork!

See you there!

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Somerville Car Repair Guys Dig Urban Skiing

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Feb, 18, 2011 @ 13:02 PM

Winter can be boring. What's a city dweller to do? Our friends at the Somerville Journal wrote a blog post yesterday about urban skiing coming to Somerville. What is urban skiing? It's basically where skiing meets skateboarding. No, I'm not kidding. You strap-on some skis, find a hill, and the city landscape becomes your terrain park.

The crew from Stept Productions made the trek from Colorado to the 'Villle to hit the some rails over by the high school.

We Somerville car repair guys find Stept to be thoroughly entertaining - but a bit on the crazy side. In fact, one of the Stept mad men - Tom Warnick - broke his tibia while tearing it up somewhere around the Hub.

We'll let you know when Stept releases the footage that was taken around Somerville. Until then, check-out their video from last year's Boston-area excursion. And oh yeah - don't try this at home!



Did you see the Stept crew around town? Drop us a comment and give us the scoop!

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Boston Car Repair Meets Social Media Check-Ins

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Dec, 17, 2010 @ 11:12 AM

At Mike's, we think your service experience here should be a fun one. And if you follow us then you know that along with Boston car repair, we love social media. Besides blogging, we're always tweeting and sharing what we can on Facebook.

Recently, we decided it was time to venture even further into the land of Car Repair Boston - Boston Car Repair social media. Our next step? Bring on the check-ins! Come one - come all! Whether it be Foursquare, SCVNGR, Facebook, Yelp or Gowalla - your check-in is welcomed at Mike's!

We're hoping to make this a fun experience by giving a little something to everyone. While in for service, check-in at Mike's and you'll receive a free Taza chocolate bar! Just show us your check-in and get Taza-fied!

Taza chocolate is a locally made, stone-ground, organic chocolate. Delicous, local, and sustainable - how can you go wrong?

And if you become the Mayor of Mike's - you receive a free oil change of your choice - including our Boston green oil change!

So, the next time you're looking for quality Boston car repair, head to Mike's and check-in. Then sip on a cup our organic coffee or tea and enjoy your Taza!

Got any other great check-in ideas? Drop us a comment and let us know!


Car Repair Boston - Boston Car Repair


Follow us on Twitter!




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Local Author Makes Waves With Fat Boy Thin Man

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Nov, 19, 2010 @ 10:11 AM

We've shared a lot of news with you here at Mike's recently - by now, you've probably heard about the Boston green oil change. But I must say, I am equally as happy to share with you great news coming from one of our long-time customers.

Residing in nearby Arlington, for nearly 20 years Michael Prager has been coming to our shopAuto Repair Arlington - Fat Boy Thin Man for his Arlington auto repair. We've gotten to know Mike pretty well. When he told us he was writing a book, we were elated! Mike's book, Fat Boy Thin Man, was recently unveiled. The story chronicles his decades-long battle with food addiction - and how he made it out alive!

I can honestly say to you, that Mike's book is not only fabulous - it's authentic. You see, what makes this book so great is that it's a true story. Mike opens up like few people ever would and exposes the deepest and darkest sides of being obese.

Hearing the tales of Mike creating faux lunch order lists to bring into sub shops, in an effort to disguise that the entire order was for him, is truly moving. At the same time, this tale isn't some depressing sob story - as a former Boston Globe editor, Mike manages to integrate surprisingly witty humor, in order to keep the book entertaining and fresh.

Mike takes a bold stance when it comes to tackling obesity. He advocates that food is an addiction like any other. Further, he promotes the use of substance abuse therapy as the only cure for the eating disorder. After all, that's what saved his life!

This book really will change the way you think about food. Hopefully it will have a greater impact on our culture, as we struggle with a ballooning nation that has developed a perverse view of food.

So, if you care about food, health - I dare say your country, then buy Michael Prager's book. Then tell a friend. Maybe together, we can change our country and save lives!


Auto Repair Arlington MA

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Get Boston's Green Oil Change & Support Groundwork Somerville

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Mon, Oct, 18, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

This is a great day for Mike's Automotive, Somerville, and the region. Today, we introduce Boston's only green oil change.

Everybody knows that we're committed to Boston sustainable auto repair. But this goes beyond green initiatives. Green Oil Change Boston - Sustainable Auto Repair BostonLike Mike says - this is bigger than us, this is about our community.

We're making a commitment to sustainability that is unmatched! Our goal is to make the green oil change the new standard in Boston.

We're kicking off our green oil change with a week-long push for sustainability. This week (October 18-22), for every green oil change we provide, we will donate $5.00 to our friends at Groundwork Somerville.

So, let's come together for sustainability and Groundwork Somerville. Tell everyone you know and tweet it up! The people at GWS do great work and need all the support they can get.

The race starts now and ends on Friday. If you are as green as you say you are - let's see you run!


Green Auto Repair Boston - Sustainable Auto Repair Boston

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Ward 5 is Alive!

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Sep, 24, 2010 @ 10:09 AM

There are a lot of great things going on in Somerville right now. Everybody's talking about the Green Line, the Community Path, and Union Square.

It's time everyone started talking about Ward 5!

This swath of the city may not be as famous Auto Repair Magoun Square | Ward 5 Somervilleas some other parts, but it's certainly on its way. Of particular interest, is the revitalization of Magoun Square.

Magoun has has been on the rise for some time now, but the brick-lined sidewalks and ornamental lighting are going to help elevate this cozy little square to a new level. It won't be long until a whole new wave of businesses come in and join the likes of Lil' Vinny's and Olde Magoun's Saloon.

So, how do we keep up with all of the happenings in Ward 5?

That's simple - Ward 5 Online!

The Web site, started by Courtney O'Keefe, is a great community resource - it provides valuable information and promotes local businesses.

If it's happening in Ward 5, you'll find it there!

It's community-centric initiatives like this that make Somerville such a great city to live, work, and play. So, visit Ward 5 Online, check out their tweets and do whatever you can to support this great site.

Then drop us a comment - tell us what you think.

And oh yeah, tell Courtney we said, hi!

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Green Tweets and a Happy Ending: How Twitter Saved the Day!

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Aug, 20, 2010 @ 14:08 PM

Here at Mike's we are proud to have always supported our beloved home of Somerville! We try to help out community organizations whenever we can.

Last week we learned just how quickly this can happen in the Web 2.0 world.

I was on our twitter account - @mikesautosvc - and noticeAuto Repair Somerville   Twitter Round resized 600d that one of our followers put out a call for help. @GWSomerville needed help with their green JOBS program.

I sent an e-mail right away, asking how we at Mike's could help. I heard back from Jennifer Lawrence, Executive Director at Groundwork Somerville in no time. The green JOBS program is amazing! GWS provides jobs and training to low-income and at-risk youth.

Creating green jobs and supporting local kids? You know we're on-board!

Within minutes of our discussion I notified Jennifer that Mike's would donate $500 to support the green JOBS program!

The crazy thing is - this never would have happened without Twitter.

It is a great lesson in how Web 2.0 technologies have revolutionized business.

Twitter is a powerful tool which can be used by businesses, non-profits and everyday citizens to connect - in real-time. The convergence of brand management and community relations is here and it's real.

So, no more excuses! Civic engagement is only one click away.

And if you haven't done so yet - it's time to tweet! Get on-board and get connected with your community.

You just might have a little fun...and make big difference!

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