How do your prices compare to other shops?

Certainly, the price you pay is an important issue when choosing an auto repair facility. However it is only one of many issues to consider. In the end, the lowest price, may cost you the most.

Our comparisons have shown that Mike's is not the cheapest and not the most expensive auto repair shop around. In the end, though, we are usually the best value in the Greater Boston/ Boston North area.

Here's what we mean by value:

  • We do it right the first time. We are truly passionate about auto repair and that pushes us to become top notch experts in auto repair. You will know when we perform the work for you that it is done right, done with the right parts or fluids and dependable.
  • We are experienced diagnosticians. Experience in auto repair today is vitally important. It allows us to troubleshoot your car's problem correctly quickly. While other shops are still just parts replacers who hope the part fixes the problem, we take the time to do it right. This saves you money because it is diagnosed correctly and you don't have to come back because the parts were wrong for your car's problems.
  • We use the right parts and fluids. Just as with most products in the world, there are a variety of parts and fluids available for today's vehicles. Some part manufacturers produce parts that are cheaper and are forced to cut as many corners as possible to make them that way. WE DON'T use cheap parts. We use the right quality parts for your vehicle that meet or exceed the original equipment used by the manufacturer. That doesn't always mean the most expensive. It means our experience is used to scrutinize each company's parts and fluids with the sole intention of making sure your vehicle is as dependable and safe as possible. We don't cut corners here because it frequently costs you more money in the long run because of more trips to the shop, headaches, inconvenience and breakdowns. For example, our oil filters catch up to 45% more dirt than others, and our brakes stop up to 20 feet shorter than others.
  • Serious investments into the right equipment. We are continually adding to our tool and equipment profile so we can get the job done faster and more expertly. The right equipment allows us to diagnose your troubles faster, and correctly the first time. It also allows us to do the work here with our staff. Many shops outsource some of their work because they don't have the equipment to do it in-house.
  • We give you a 2 Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty. This long of a warranty means we KNOW the job is done right using the right parts and fluids to repair your vehicle. While most companies only give you a token warranty of a few months, we truly believe in our service with this very long warranty.
  • We focus on prevention! The best way to save money on auto repairs is to prevent them in the first place. That's why our technicians have eagle-eyes for upcoming problems. We know you can save $1000's just through proper prevention of problems. We don't force it on you, but we do look for it and bring it to your attention when we feel it is important. We help you understand your choices and give you options.