Auto Maintenance Services at Mike's Automotive

At Mike's Automotive Services, we see a difference between a customer and a client. A customer is someone that just comes in and does business with a company. While, a client is someone that is taken under the care of a company and looked after properly. At Mike's we treat our customers like clients -- we care for them!

We love to take care of the maintenance on your vehicles. The reason is that your car gets several very important benefits from proper maintenance.

Here are some of the benefits of regular and proper maintenance on your vehicles:

  • Your vehicle lasts longer. When we neglect the maintenance on our cars, they give up too soon. When cars are poorly maintained, you may need to replace them prematurely while you still have payments. You may want a new car, but maybe you want to choose when instead of your car deciding for you.
  • Your resale value is higher. A well maintained vehicle shows the buyer that the likelihood of a breakdown is lessened. Bigger than this though, if your car is absent of repair needs, you get more money for it when you try to sell it or trade it in. You reduce the prospective buyers when your car needs repairs -- and maintenance helps you avoid repairs for sure!
  • You get better gas mileage. When you perform many maintenance services, you improve your gas mileage. For example a neglected air filter is one of the biggest contributors to poor gas mileage.
  • You Save Money! Did you know you save AT LEAST 46% with proper maintenance over waiting for repairs? It's true, and many times the savings is much more. For example, getting your transmission serviced every couple years only cost a few hundred dollars over the life of your car, while a transmission job can cost you several thousands. We've seen 100's of examples of big auto repair bills that could have been prevented by proper maintenance. Neglect costs!
  • Maintenance can be scheduled -- usually repairs cannot. A breakdown usually causes inconvenience and an interruption in our daily lives. But maintenance, especially at our shop, can be easily fit into your daily routines. We offer maintenance and have a waiting room with TV, Newspaper, Magazines and Free Internet for your laptop, or you can use our computer. That make it easier on you. Repairs make it difficult.

Did You know that Mike's Automotive Services can perform the required maintenance of your new car? That's right. You have the choice of where you would like to have your car maintained to keep your new car warranty in effect.

Your new car's warranty requires you to perform the maintenance specified in your owner's manual, but it does not require you to have the done work at the dealership. This is a surprise to many people. So why not bring your new car into our shop for more convenient, more friendly and more personal service? Our shop exceeds the expertise and equipment found at most automotive dealerships. More about our shop as your "Dealership Alternative."