Aftermarket Warranty and Mechanical Insurance Policies

Information regarding "Extended Warranties" and Mike's Automotive Services policy for handling them

Mike’s Automotive Services strives to provide the highest quality automotive service that money can buy. We do this by employing competent, highly qualified personnel who keep abreast of modern technology through specialized training and regular equipment upgrades. We also carefully calculate our parts and labor pricing to ensure that we can deliver the quality service that you have come to expect, yet make a reasonable profit. This will ensure Mike’s Automotive Service will be around to provide quality service for you and your family for years to come.

Most aftermarket extended warranties and mechanical insurance policies are very specific in what they will and will not pay for. We have found that most companies will not pay for diagnosis time, which in some cases can be the largest expense of a particular repair, and that some companies will pay only a portion of the cost based on their calculation of labor rate and parts makeup. We have also found that some insurance companies make cost-cutting arrangements with repair shops in exchange for providing additional business to them. In such cases they may insist you have your repairs performed at one of their “Direct Repair Providers”. As the owner of your vehicle, you should have the right to have your vehicle repaired by a company you know and trust, not a company selected by someone else. When you bring your vehicle in for repair, we will make every effort to work with your insurance provider on your behalf and secure authorization for the repairs and payment. Any delays that may occur during the repair process due to no fault of Mike’s Automotive Services, may result in additional labor charges. If a dispute should arise regarding any repair procedure or charges not covered by your policy, those negotiations will be best settled between you and the policy provider. Any differences will be your responsibility as the vehicle owner.

Full payment is expected upon completion of our repairs and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork so you can receive reimbursement from your insurance holder. The deductible amount you chose when you purchased your policy helped offset the cost of your policy. All deductible amounts are the responsibility of the policyholder. We accept cash, personal (in country) checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover Credit Cards. Mike’s Automotive Services is an independent automotive repair facility and has no direct relationship with any insurance or warranty company. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to service your vehicle. Please be assured that we will always perform the highest quality repair possible and will not let an outside source dictate substandard work or parts for your vehicle. You will have the final say. We would rather lose a job, than do it to a lesser standard. We work for you.