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Somerville Auto Repair Specialist Lauds Curtatone's YSAG Address

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Wed, Jun, 09, 2010 @ 21:06 PM

Our Mayor, Joe Curtatone was out in full force recently as he spoke to a very important group: those in their twenties and thirties.

The Mayor was center stage at the Burren, where he gave his State of Young Somerville address. The event was put together by the Young Somerville Advisory Group (YSAG).

Mayor Joe's task wasn't an easy one - trying to convince those aged 21-35 to stay in Somerville.

Curtatone wasted no time acknowledging the white elephant in the room - the cost of living in Massachusetts. He poignantly noted that many young residents are fleeing the state.

This is a problem that we have been dealing with for quite some time - especially here in the city. 

Our young people are leaving in droves! It used to just be for the warmer weather. Now it is also for the wealth of opportunity that exists in the South and West.

Young people can stay here in Somerville with the high cost of living - orSomerville Auto Repair - Austin, Texas head down to North Carolina where a job in the Research Triangle and a house half the price awaits. Maybe go a little more west and snag a great tech job in Austin, Texas

But that's where Mayor Curtatone really shined. He didn't just talk about where Somerville is now - he talked about where it's going!

More green space, the community path, assembly square, the redeveloped Inner Belt and the Green Line Extension!

Somerville is a city on the move!

What's more, Somerville is a city rich in character. An historic community with a diverse population. Fabulous restaurants and shopping. An urban oasis at the gates of Boston.

Good luck finding that in the Research Triangle! Not happening!

The antiseptic feel of those other communities will leave you wishing you were right back here eating your BBQ at Redbones.

So, the next time you stop by for your Somerville auto repair, look around and remember something - this place isn't so bad after all!

Keep up the fight, Mayor Joe! 


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Somerville Auto Repair in Union Square...Next Stop Porter!

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Jun, 04, 2010 @ 17:06 PM

The Green Line Extension is creating some news in the communities it will serve - Somerville, Medford and Cambridge. 

There is now word that the green and red lines could connect someday in Porter Square!

Porter Square - Somerville Auto RepairAccording to Katherine Fichter, project manager for the Green Line Extension, this is something that could happen in the far, far future.

Yes, I know - that statement doesn't sound extremely promising. But at least it's on the table!

Connecting the green and red lines is a fantastic idea! 

It's time our elected officials acknowledge that the Greater Boston area is truly "greater" than just Boston!

Why should we have to go in and out of Boston to go from Union Square to Porter Square? That's insane! Just like the fact that our friends in East Cambridge have to go on a trek by bus just to get to Harvard Square. Insane!

Does Beacon Hill not realize that we have a little something to offer here in Somerville and Cambridge? Did they miss the memo that said the patrons of the Green Line Extension shouldn't have to ride into Park Street station just to grab the red line? 

Just think - come get your Somerville auto repair here in Union and whiz down to Porter on the green line! 

I understand that the current Green Line Extension must happen first. But after that - the connection to Porter Square is a must! Let's make sure it happens!

Things are also heating up in Medford. The State is balking at completing the Green Line Extension in one phase.

Yes, you guessed it - crying broke again! Supposedly, due to the "economic conditions" there isn't enough money to complete the Mystic Valley/Route 16 terminating stop by the December, 31, 2014 deadline - when the rest of the extension is legally mandated to be completed.

So they are now talking two phases - one for everything up to College Avenue in Medford - and another for the Mystic Valley stop.

But wait - not enough money? What happened to all that fabulous stimulus money? Nearly 1 trillion dollars of stimulus and no money for Mystic Valley?

We have bankrupted our country and can't event get a T stop?

It's time for Governor Patrick to utilize his Obama ties to make this happen! The people of Medford should not be considered second-rate!

If Washington has spent all of its newly-printed money then it's time for Beacon Hill to step-up and get the job done!


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Somerville Auto Repair Specialist Congratulates Brickbottom

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, May, 21, 2010 @ 11:05 AM

We are so happy for our friends in the Brickbottom district!

The Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (STEP) reports that the State has selected a new site for the future Green Line maintenance facility

The decision is a huge victory for the Brickbottom neighborhood and the entire city of Somerville. MassDOT has chosen option L the maintenance facility, rather than placing it in yard 8. See picture below, courtesy of STEP:

Somerville Auto Repair - Brickbottom

As you can see, this option L is the only feasible option for the residents of Brickbottom.

You may wonder what does this has to do with Somerville auto repair? Well, we don't just provide auto service in Somerville - we are a member of the community. We have called this city home for over 20 years and we love it!

The residents of Brickbottom, from the new immigrants to the creative class which boasts its magnificent artwork, are a vital part of our community. It is diverse neighborhoods like Brickbottom that make Somerville the all-American city that it is.      

Our friends in this neighborhood deserve a high quality of life, and this decision will help make that a reality.

This will also serve as a boon to the whole city, as the once-industrial area of Brickbottom will be able to be redeveloped. More revenues for the city and a cleaner, healthier neighborhood - we all win!

The Green Line expansion is going to make our great city even greater - and Brickbottom is going to be an integral spoke in the hub we call Somerville.

Cheers, Brickbottom! You are well on your way! We promise to go along for the ride!

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