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Local Author Makes Waves With Fat Boy Thin Man

Posted by Mark Pedersen on Fri, Nov, 19, 2010 @ 10:11 AM

We've shared a lot of news with you here at Mike's recently - by now, you've probably heard about the Boston green oil change. But I must say, I am equally as happy to share with you great news coming from one of our long-time customers.

Residing in nearby Arlington, for nearly 20 years Michael Prager has been coming to our shopAuto Repair Arlington - Fat Boy Thin Man for his Arlington auto repair. We've gotten to know Mike pretty well. When he told us he was writing a book, we were elated! Mike's book, Fat Boy Thin Man, was recently unveiled. The story chronicles his decades-long battle with food addiction - and how he made it out alive!

I can honestly say to you, that Mike's book is not only fabulous - it's authentic. You see, what makes this book so great is that it's a true story. Mike opens up like few people ever would and exposes the deepest and darkest sides of being obese.

Hearing the tales of Mike creating faux lunch order lists to bring into sub shops, in an effort to disguise that the entire order was for him, is truly moving. At the same time, this tale isn't some depressing sob story - as a former Boston Globe editor, Mike manages to integrate surprisingly witty humor, in order to keep the book entertaining and fresh.

Mike takes a bold stance when it comes to tackling obesity. He advocates that food is an addiction like any other. Further, he promotes the use of substance abuse therapy as the only cure for the eating disorder. After all, that's what saved his life!

This book really will change the way you think about food. Hopefully it will have a greater impact on our culture, as we struggle with a ballooning nation that has developed a perverse view of food.

So, if you care about food, health - I dare say your country, then buy Michael Prager's book. Then tell a friend. Maybe together, we can change our country and save lives!


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